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For 13 years, we've had a singular goal: to improve the lives of those working in the advertising industry by building media management software that helps marketers engage with audiences across all digital channels in the most successful manner possible. Our software is designed to eliminate unnecessary activity, improve human collaboration, offer greater insight, reduce errors and help users achieve more in their professional lives.

The Centro Manifesto

When Centro was founded in 2001, we began by discarding outdated ideas and preconceived notions of how a company must act, allowing us to ignore convention and start with a blank canvas.

The beginning of this process is The Centro Manifesto below. Thirteen years and more than 400 employees later, we remain passionately committed to our founding values and principles. We’re still a work-in-progress and though we have a long way to go, I’m constantly energized by the passion, dedication, enthusiasm and character of the people I am fortunate to work with every day.

Shawn Riegsecker, CEO & Founder

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