We've Changed
the Ad Exchange.

Centro operates the largest online ad exchange built
exclusively for brand marketers and publishers.

About Our Brand Exchange

Nearly 80% of online advertising inventory is unsafe* – with inappropriate content and/or high ad clutter. The Centro Brand Exchange makes it possible for advertisers to get scale that’s efficiently priced but also brand-safe. With more than 1,500 publisher sites, Centro Brand Exchange is the largest premium local supply source available. We ensure your ads are brand safe, brand smart.

Available on Major DSPs

Access the brand safe content in the Centro Brand Exchange directly from your demand-side platforms (DSPs). Want to know how? Download instructions on how to access our exchange today.

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Certified and Brand-Safe

Trust Metrics, the industry’s leading provider of standards for publisher transparency and effectiveness, rated the Centro Brand Exchange as stellar quality. The inventory assessment of Centro Brand Exchange ranked 95% of the over 1,400 sites in the white category (ideal) versus the industry benchmark of 17%.

First Look Inventory

Only journalistic-based publishers with quality content may join the Centro Brand Exchange. Because our publisher relationships span more than 13 years and 100 trillion impressions, we receive “first look” at the publisher’s secondary inventory.

Enhanced Performance

Enhance any ad campaign using a combination of:
Scale. Access 1,900 certified publishers & +100mm unique users.
Multi-Screen Inventory. Scale placements across any device.
Precise Targeting. Select specific criteria & segments.
Optimization. Adjust campaigns in real-time to improve ROI.