Apr 2021 Case Study

PAX Uses Basis DSP to Lower Cost Per Acquisition and Engage New Audiences

The Story

Leading cannabis vaporizer brand PAX was looking for a partner to help navigate the ever-changing regulations, cannabis ad landscape, and new inventory opportunities. ​

To meet these needs, PAX teamed up with Centro as a Basis Media Execution client. As a result, they get the best of both worlds—a full team of Centro’s world-class media experts and access to Basis, Centro’s powerful media buying platform.

The Challenge

The expected cannabis targeting segments are getting crowded, so it is important for PAX to find and target new audiences.​

Additionally, as a new entrant to digital advertising, PAX needed to test and learn ways to communicate (channels, formats, messaging, and more).


While maintaining brand image and equity:​

  • Focus on business-moving metrics​
  • Go beyond the expected and engage new audiences​
  • Lean into the flexibility of digital and test various creative messaging and formats

Campaign Details

  • Estimated Volume: 340MM impressions​
  • Target Audience: Open-minded consumer, A21+ with several other niche audiences targeted​
  • Inventory: 13 partners covering both programmatic and site-direct​
  • Geography: Various US states​
  • Formats: Display, video, and native across desktop, mobile, and tablet​
  • Timing: Multi-phase annual campaign, with built-in strategy re-evaluation

The Results

  • 2,200+ sales attributed to advertising
  • $64 Cost-per-Store Locator​ (Goal: $75)
  • 80% Video completion rate (Goal: 70%)
  • $170 Cost-per-Acquisition (Goal: $175)