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What Is Ad Bidding and How Does It Work?

  • Supply-Side Platform

    The process begins when an internet user accesses a website or web application. Immediately, the publisher of that that site sends a message to a supply-side platform, indicating that an impression is available.
  • Ad Exchange

    The supply-side platform then analyzes the available information about the user - location, search history, age, gender, etc. - and relays this information the ad exchange. The ad exchange is in charge of holding an auction for this particular impression.
  • Ad Spending

    Demand-Side Platform

    Once the ad exchange receives this information, it relays it to the demand-side platform (DSP). If interested, the DSP can then bid on the impression based preset parameters set by the advertiser. The highest bid amount wins the impression, which is then sends the ad back to the publisher to display to the user.

Ad Bidding With Basis

Ad bidding - also known as RTB - is still the most popular form of programmatic advertising. In fact, it's so popular that ad bidding algorithms could generate upwards of $40 billion in 2021 compared to $3.5 billion in 2017. This is because ad-bidding is effective - everything happens in under 100 milliseconds. However, with so much digital competition, it's more important than ever to arm your company with the best technology in the industry. Bid wisely and win impressions with Basis.
  • 2000+
    Private Marketplaces and Vendors
  • #1 DSP
    Rated on G2
  • $1B+
    in digital media activated in the last three years

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Ad Bidding is just one piece of the programmatic puzzle, which is then one piece of the greater digital advertising landscape. See how Basis puts those pieces together to make your life easier by watching this quick video.

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