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What Are Ad Exchanges and How Do They Work?

  • The Exchange

    An ad exchange is a digital marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of billions of ad impressions through the use of real-time auctions. Most often ad exchanges are used to sell display, video, and mobile ad inventory. Virtually anyone can buy from an exchange provided that specific exchange allows it.
  • Advertisers vs. Publishers

    Advertisers and agencies typically use demand-side platforms or their own bidding technologies the purchase impressions, but ad networks and other entities may purchase as well. Exchanges enable advertisers to easily buy ads across a range of sites as opposed to negotiating buys with specific publishers.
  • Major Ad Exchanges

    Ad exchanges are often seen as more transparent than ad networks because they enable buyers to see exactly what price impressions are being sold for. Private exchanges are often used by publishers to control the process, while major public exchange operators include Google, The Rubicon Project, AppNexus, and Yahoo.

Centro Increases Transparency

In 2020, Centro began to enforce measures on advertising exchanges that want ad their ad spend. When these new rules are in effect, many different things happen that benefit those who utilize Centro adtech platform, Basis. There is a reduction in exposure to ad fraud, duplicate ad impressions are blocked to limit bidding against itself, there is an increase in the percentage of media investment going towards ad spend, and lastly - there is a gain in visibility on the best-performing ad selling intermediaries.
  • 2000+
    Private Marketplaces and Vendors
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    Rated on G2
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    in digital media activated in the last three years

Take Control of Your Ad Buying

Feel confident that you are managing your buying process with the best DSP on the market, to a wide variety of publishers, in one of the industry's most robust ad exchanges. Whether you prefer managed or self-service, Basis makes executing campaigns fast and painless, so you can spend more time on strategy.

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