Preview of visual dashboard
By Gabriel Ribadeneira May 28 2020 Blog

Your Campaigns Are Beautiful. Now Your Dashboard Is Too.

Campaigns starting. Campaigns ending. Campaigns pacing behind. Campaigns pacing ahead. Proposals awaiting a response. Messages here, messages there. The day goes on and the task list quickly grows!

Centro recognizes that digital media buying is fast-faced, so we’ve optimized our dashboard. Upon logging in to Basis, users will now receive a customized experience—an advanced dashboard with a message center, along with a collection of widgets and graphs. These new features will help you to:

  • Gain a holistic view of your account from the moment you log in. Our dashboard makes it easy to identify which items require attention.
  • Increase productivity by reducing the time spent creating and updating tracking documents to recognize which campaigns are starting/ending soon or not meeting their KPIs.
  • Connect with your team through the comments feed function. Leave notes for your team members so they know which items need to be addressed and review all of these in a centralized location.
  • Know what you should focus on and click directly into those items.

Not yet on Basis? Connect with us for a demo of this and many other workflow automation tools for your digital media business.