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By Ken Rood Jun 9 2020 Blog

How an Extension Works on a Google Display Ad

To enhance standard ads, Google allows marketers to add contextually rich information about a business, product, or service when their ad appears in search results.

Ad extensions can be a quick and easy way to enhance a call to action, add immediacy, and improve conversion, by reducing the number of steps for the customer.

Below are some sample applications of Google Ad extensions:

Price Extension: Include relevant price information for your product or service. Users can link to specific products relevant to their ad.

Screenshot of a Google Ad price extension

Call Extension: Add a phone number so customers can easily call your business. For mobile-focused campaigns, this can improve performance as users can convert with a simple tap.

Screenshot of a Google Ad Call Extension

Lead Form Extension: Prompt users to submit customer lead information directly inside of the ad.

Screenshot of Google Ad lead form Extension

Sitelink Extensions: Display specific, contextually relevant pages from your website.

Screenshot of a Google Ad sitelink extension

Callout Extensions: Include descriptive text about your product or service, such as “Free Shipping” or other information relevant to your ad.

Screenshot of a Google Ad callout extension

Structured Snippet Extension: Provide users with an immediate preview of your product and services by including brief descriptions from text on your website.

Screenshot of a Google Ad structured snippet extension

Location Extension: Include relevant business information, such as address and store hours.

Screenshot of a Google Ad location extension

Affiliate Location Extension: Display affiliated locations including nearby shops where your product is sold.

Screenshot of a Google Ad affiliate location extension

App Extension: Encourage users to download your company’s mobile app.

Scnreenshot of a Google Ads app extension

Promotion Extension: Showing promotional sales and offers inspires the user to learn more about the product or service advertised in your ad.

Screenshot of a Google Ad promotion extension

Google allows users to report on performance with and without ad extensions, so you can test and evaluate which ads are performing and how extensions are helping to drive campaign success.  Google also allows users to enable automated extensions, which use algorithms to generate copy, location, phone numbers and other details dynamically from your website.

Enhancements to Google Ads change frequently. Reach out to your Centro team to learn more about how to leverage extensions in your campaigns!

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