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By Anthony Loredo May 9 2017 Blog

#3Ton30: Navigating the Search Bar: A Marketer’s Guide to Paid Search

In order to establish a successful marketing strategy, you have to master paid search marketing – and that involves understanding what it is, how it works, and all the search tools you have at your disposal. So, for our next 3Ton30 webinar, we’ve packaged up everything marketers need to know to get started running paid search – and get results.

Join us and Centro’s Associate Director of Paid Search, Lisa Little, on Wednesday, May 17th, as she discusses:

  • The importance of paid search and its role and growth in the digital media industry
  • A quick refresher on search engine marketing basics, the difference between paid search and organic, and how to decipher the SERP
  • Practical insights for building successful search campaigns, including how to increase your search engine ranking and designing keyword strategies, ad copy, and landing pages

Click here to learn more information and save your spot. Can’t make it this month? Be sure to visit our 3Ton30 resource center to view presentations and content from past 3T webinars.