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By Anthony Loredo Apr 14 2017 Blog

#3Ton30: Pay-to-Play: A Strategic Marketer’s Guide to Paid Social

According to eMarketer forecasts, digital ad spend will exceed TV ad spend in 2017. A large driving force behind the growth in digital advertising investment? Social media.

For our next 3Ton30 webinar, we’re diving into the world of paid social, which has become an essential part of the digital media landscape for today’s marketers. Join us and Centro’s Associate Director of Paid Social, Amy Rumpler, on Wednesday, April 19, as she explores how marketers can best implement social into their marketing strategies.

Amy will give you a quick refresher on the basics, getting you up to speed on all the social tools at your disposal, before getting into the nitty-gritty of setting up social campaigns, choosing the right platforms that align with your campaign goals and your creative, and reaching a highly-motivated and unique audience.

Click here to learn more information and save your spot. Can’t make it this month? Be sure to visit our 3Ton30 resource center to view presentations and content from past 3T webinars.