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By Anthony Loredo Nov 10 2016 Blog

#3Ton30: The Rise of Snapchat

Snapchat, first launched in July 2011, now has 60 million daily users, and has become the favorite social network for connected Millennials. And, according to eMarketer, U.S. advertisers will spend $348.4 million advertising on Snapchat in 2016 – a 500% increase from 2015.

November 16th at 1:30 p.m. EST premieres the new 3Ton30 webinar, where Centro’s Senior Manager of Digital Innovations, Aubry Parks-Fried, will discuss the growth of Snapchat and how brands have effectively used the app in their marketing strategies.

Aubry will discuss:

  • The app’s evolution and the impact it’s had on digital in the last five years
  • Snapshots of a Snapchat user and how frequently audiences are engaging with the platform
  • Different ad types available to advertisers and how other social networks have taken a page out of Snapchat’s book
  • A guide to getting started using Snapchat as a marketer, and examples of various approaches brands have taken to use the platform effectively

Click here to learn more information and save your spot. Can’t make it this month? Be sure to visit our 3Ton30 resource center to view presentations and content from past webinars. And keep your eyes peeled for more 3T webinars starting in January.