By Aubry Parks-Fried Nov 21 2016 Blog

#3Ton30: The Rise of Snapchat Q&A

We received a lot of questions during our November 3T Rise of Snapchat webinar. Because we like to keep these bite-sized presentations under 45 minutes, we were unable to answer them all, so we’ve enlisted our fearless speaker, Aubry Parks-Fried, to answer them on our blog.

Is there any evidence that we’ll see any addition to local geo-targeting for Discover content?
Yep. Scale will be a problem until they grow into the realm of Facebook, which has 72% of the population active on the platform. Snapchat recently partnered with Foursquare for location data, so they will certainly continue to beef up extremely local capabilities.

What is vertical video? More specifically, how is that different from a pre-roll video?
Vertical video refers to the aspect ratio of the video and how it’s shot (i.e. not holding your phone sideways to capture video). It takes up the full mobile screen.

What can cause a campaign to be denied and what should you do when it is?
Snapchat has ad policies that apply to advertising that aligns with other channels. On-demand filters (which are not technically an ad product) can be denied for multiple reasons, including not enough inventory, event spaces, branding.

Is Snapchat a place for advertisers with recruitment needs? Wondering if there’s a place for branded content for their company as a work destination.
Totally, if you are looking to recruit within that 18-24 demo. You can also target colleges if you’re actively recruiting from certain ones. As of right now, Snapchat is untapped territory across all verticals.

You’ve mentioned that companies with large budgets are primarily who should be thinking about using Snapchat. Large budgets is pretty relative. What would be the minimum spend that you think would be worthwhile to begin to play on Snapchat?
Bare minimum $40K for a single month, but to see the needle move you are looking at six figures. This cost will continue to evolve as the platforms grows, and we will likely see the price drop. For the foreseeable future, it will be tens of thousands of dollars.

Does you have to have a Snapchat account to advertise on the platform (i.e. geofilters or stories)?
You do not need a Snapchat account to advertise.

What is the male/female ratio of Snapchat users?
According to eMarketer data from October 2015, the breakdown skews female (just as I suspected): 53% female, 47% male.

Do you see a place for B-to-B businesses on Snapchat?
Maybe not today. But if/when Snapchat gets to a Facebook level, absolutely.

Are you able to link ads to a brand’s website? Is that what the swipe-up is?
Yep. That would be a Snap Ad with Web View. The user would access the website by swiping up. Right now, it seems most brands are creating custom microsites for Snapchat to ensure the user experience is seamless.

Do you anticipate Instagram featured stories to cut into Snapchat’s edge, or is the platform still uniquely positioned?
I think the Instagram Stories were certainly a blow in terms of Snapchat moving into the 24-35 demo. But I feel like the strength of the Discover + Live content provides something for a user that Instagram cannot.

How has engagement changed since Instagram stories launched? If Instagram launches filter/lenses, how will that affect Snapchat’s appeal to marketers?
I haven’t seen any studies that show impact yet. It’s too soon.

How can a brand begin to utilize Snap Ads? What is the availability, cost range, etc.?
Buying via Snapchat direct or with a tech partner like Centro.

How are users juggling Snapchat vs FB and Instagram or YouTube? How do we know this will last? Vine just shut down. Is there room for all of these?
I would categorize Vine as more of a novelty app. It served a single purpose: 6 second video. Snapchat has taken the strengths of the major networks and optimized them for the mobile world. Live Stories provide a more visual look into what’s happening in the world (Twitter). Discover offers a new content outlet (Facebook). Snap Stories is a camera app that allows users to create and showcase their daily life (Instagram).

I would put my money on Snapchat lasting. That said, I do think there is enough space for multiple channels to exist … just look at how many cable networks we have out there.

In the future, do you think we can buy these new social tools on DSPs?
It’s possible, but I don’t think it will be likely.

Similar to Facebook, can you log in and manage your Snapchat ads?
Not at this time. You can only buy via an IO with Snapchat directly, or you can partner with an ad tech partner who has access to the API.

How does the cost-per-swipe compare to a Facebook CPC?
It’s a lot more expensive. There is not as much inventory.

What are Snapchat’s targeting capabilities?

Age, gender, geo, device, interests, first-party data and lookalike (some are in beta only with ad tech partners).

How is Snapchat handling the growing need to properly measure attribution?
They, unlike Facebook, needed verification partners to get off the ground. They have partnerships with Innovid, Sizmek, LiveRamp and Datalogix.

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