3T in 30 webinar series: delivering digital tips, trends, and techniques in 45 minutes of less
By Kevin Bonder Feb 18 2016

#3Ton30: Sight, Sound, and Motion for Digital Success in 2016

Follow the viewer, test and learn, get creative. These were the three points that Heather Robertson, Centro’s Director of Video, hit home in her webinar, Conquer Digital Video in 2016 with Four Key Formats. With video viewership booming, marketers have a tremendous opportunity to tap into new channels and screens through the four primary digital video ad formats: in-stream, in-feed, interstitial, and in-banner. Missed the webinar? You can download the recording, as well as the presentation, here.

Following the webinar, Heather tackled many questions but unfortunately she was unable to address all of them. Here are her answers to the questions we couldn’t get to during our time together.

  1. I know most social platforms recommend strategies such as being able to tell the story with or without sound, using the first few seconds of the video wisely, etc. Do you recommend these same best practices across all types of video ads? And are there any more key creative best practices to note? – Though I’m not a creative expert, research on the topic and many of our media partners suggest those types of strategies across all types of digital video ads. Another recommendation is to include prominent and consistent branding. If you expect users to take some sort of action from seeing the video, it’s critically important to include a strong call to action too.
  2. Do you see big differences in completion rates across these units (barring places where completion is required in order to advance content)?Yes, typically the strongest completion rates come from in-stream units, especially if they’re placements within longer form video content. According to Sizmek performance benchmarks, 300×250 in-banner units have an average completion rate of 48%-62% depending on whether they’re auto-play or user-initiated, while in-stream units garner an average 72% completion rate. In-feed units vary widely, though we tend to see slightly weaker completion rates and stronger CTR. In-feed placements on social platforms are subject to those partners’ definitions of completion rate, as well, which makes these types of comparisons a bit trickier.
  3. Once we create a video to use in one of these formats, how do we get it online? Not sure what that process looks like. – Please reach out to your Centro Account Lead, and they’ll be sure to help you get started on the process!
  4. Can you buy digital video on a CPC basis?Yes, some vendors offer this pricing model for video placements.
  5. Can you run less than a :15s video?Yes, you certainly can with many partners! Just note that, except in cases where a media partner requires shorter ad lengths (ex: Snapchat), they typically charge the same price for :30s and :15s as they do shorter ad lengths.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming 3Ton30 webinars. Centro’s Director of Mobile, Noor Naseer, will discuss advanced mobile tactics on March 16th and Ratko Vidakovic will expand on the many faces of ad fraud on April 20th. See you then!