AdExchanger Industry Preview 2017: Day 1 Tweet-Cap

The first day of AdExchanger’s Industry Preview 2017 is in the books.

After a day filled with presentations and panels, there’s plenty of new trends and opportunities to dissect, but there were a few sessions we attended today that we can’t wait to discuss.

The fight against ad fraud has only just begun. And members of the Measuring Quality panel called for greater attention to ad fraud.

In terms of KPI measurement and sophistication, the entire industry has been able to drive more accurate and streamlined methods for measurement. However, without human attention and effort, ad fraud and cybercrime will persist.

WhiteOpps CEO Michael Tiffany called for a minimum standard in order to solve the problem. If we’re able to place a higher value upon units and impressions that humans actually interact with, we should eventually look to move away from campaigns driven by scale and volume — even if those campaigns will not be met with human interactions.

Creative and data were also hot topics – more specifically, the convergence of the two, and how to fix the current disconnect between powerful creative and insightful data.

Moving forward, this convergence will be key in reaching the ever-present and ever-moving consumer across multiple devices and platforms.