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Programmatic 101: Retargeting

As a media planner, several targeting tactics are available to you for every digital campaign you're working on. Every campaign type brings its own unique set of challenges. Certain targeting strategies are more helpful against specific end goals and KPIs, but there's one tactic that will always add to the overall performance of your digital [...]

Programmatic 101: Setting Goals and KPIs

Programmatic advertising can get tricky if you're not clear from the beginning what you're trying to achieve with campaigns. Evaluating campaign success and performance can only be tracked and measured accurately if you set specific goals and measure these goals against a specific KPI. When determining what KPI to measure against, you should be clear [...]

Programmatic 101: Campaign Optimization

You're setting up a programmatic campaign and going down your digital checklist before the campaign goes live. Have you targeted a specific audience? Check. Established the KPI? Check. Set the bid, uploaded the creatives, and chosen the inventory? Check, check, check. Now you're ready to sit back and watch the impressions flow in. Not quite. [...]

Programmatic 101: Campaign Targeting Tactics

Pretend you're running an ad campaign and you're trying to target 35-year-old mothers who enjoy board games and have an interest in luxury fashion. Where do you start and how do you find that exact audience? A women's magazine? Sure, but who reads those anymore? A fashion show's commercial? Maybe, but how often do those [...]

Centro DSP Spotlight: Out of The Video Stream and Into the Outstream

Think about video ads. What comes to mind? Probably YouTube videos. But video ads can be found anywhere on the web. Video ads are typically found pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. In other words: before, during, or after the video content plays. This type of video ad space is referred to as instream. But there's another, [...]