Centro at Your Service: Your Digital Media Concierge

It should be no secret to those of us in the digital media industry that the space is constantly evolving, bringing new trends, complex jargon, and sophisticated tech to the table on what feels like a weekly basis. It should also be no secret that in order to be successful, companies need to be able [...]

#CentroInAction: Sports, Outdoor, and Lifestyle Retailer Nails Digital Targets

Our client is a premier sports, outdoor, and lifestyle retailer with a broad assortment of quality hunting, fishing, and camping equipment and gear, along with sports and leisure products, footwear, apparel and much more. The company started working with Centro on a few test campaigns to promote store openings. A 2015 holiday campaign demonstrated our [...]

#CentroInAction: Popular Quick-Serve Restaurant Connects With Digital Audience

Last year, a major U.S. restaurant group with more than 400 locations nationwide and overseas, broke into the world of digital advertising with help from Centro. Centro helped achieve positive business results by executing an all-encompassing series of digital strategy campaigns that connected to every step of the customer buying journey. Download our case study [...]

#CentroInAction: Beauty Supply Retailer Goes Digital to Drive Awareness and Traffic

When you are a specialty retailer and distributor of professional beauty supplies with more than 5,000 stores worldwide, a small bump in store sales can represent a large chunk of revenue. When the company decided to launch a national digital campaign to drive off-line sales and in-store traffic, it turned to Centro. Download our case [...]

#CentroInAction: Major Retailer Goes Social with Centro

A major U.S. home furnishing retailer with stores worldwide has made the leap from print to digital to social media advertising in just a few short years. This well-known American brand relied on a small in-house team to do all of its advertising. With marketing limited to mostly print campaigns and catalogs, the company was late to the digital [...]

#CentroInAction: An Update to your Digital Wardrobe

When you go shopping, you should have a plan. Knowing what you want, the style you are going for, and where you are most likely going to find what you need is important. Even with a strategy, shopping is hard. But when you don’t prepare, you can be left wandering the corridors of the mall, trying to figure out your next move. When [...]

#CentroInAction: Delivering Electrifying Campaign Performance

As marketers, we’ve got a lot to think about: goals to hit, brands to promote, alternative fuel vehicles to launch. At least, that was the case with Centro’s recent client – a leading vehicle brand preparing for the release of a new hybrid electric car. Understandably, during this time, the client’s team was short on [...]

#CentroInAction: The Perfect Pairing of Search and Social

Like peanut butter and jelly, search and social channels have a harmonious relationship that make them better when they’re together. For a long time, the relationship status between these channels were labeled as “it’s complicated.” Yet, over time, research continued to point toward an interconnection between the two. In 2009, GroupM released one of the [...]

#CentroInAction: A Digital Boost for Enrollment

The Challenge Heading into the fall semester, a local university needed to boost enrollment numbers in its core and specialty programs. To do this, the university needed to drive awareness to those programs, as well as bolster its online application submissions. The client’s overall target audience was prospective students, ages 17 to 30, with additional [...]

#CentroInAction: Getting Your Digital Diploma 

The Challenge A local Texas public university was on a mission to increase the preference of its law school against other schools in key in-state markets. The client’s plan of attack was to drive users to its website in order to get them to sign-up for more information or to start an online application to [...]