Digital Media Operations: Use Better Data for Easier Billing Facilitation

Digital media operations is a long and tedious cycle. From planning to billing reconciliation, there are numerous steps and phases that require communication, data, and a sense of urgency. Without full visibility and accurate information along the way, closing out a campaign can be extremely time-consuming and downright painful. The biggest pain point in the [...]

Digital Media Operations: Streamlined Campaign Monitoring. Only with Centro Platform.

For most agencies, the idea of efficient digital media operations sounds ideal, but seems nearly impossible. Digital media teams are currently using too many disconnected and outdated tools and systems, resulting in a lack of organized workflow. And without some sort of a streamlined workflow, critical campaign phases and stages are met with misinformation, missed [...]

Digital Media Operations and Smart Campaign Execution Should Go Hand in Hand

Navigating the world of ad servers and digital media contracts is often a challenge. Aligning contracted information to what was delivered and what performed is extremely time consuming and difficult. And because there are so many changes throughout the process, contracts and ad server data rarely matches. Not to mention, changes or updates made to [...]

Digital Media Operations: Negotiate Partnerships with Confidence

Negotiating the best partnership possible with a seller can lead to major returns for an agency or advertiser. Unfortunately, the current state of the industry and the way we’re managing our digital media operations makes negotiation difficult. Communication is disjointed. The files and formats we’re working in are outdated. And without much historical data and [...]

Digital Media Planning – Simplified. Only With Centro Platform.

The vast amount of manual work required to plan digital media campaigns today, even in the programmatic space, is almost too hard to comprehend. All told, there are roughly 70 manual steps. The worst part? Most of the work is still done in Excel and Outlook, regardless of whether agencies are pitching a large, innovative [...]

Digital Media Operations—Organized. Only with Centro Platform.

The digital media landscape is ever-evolving. New vendors, unique executions, and changing client goals makes it difficult for agencies to find the best approach when committing resources and structuring teams. Even after those teams are built, there are a number of disconnected products and systems used to get campaigns from point A (research) to point [...]