Centro Attends the Modern Marketing Summit: Takeaways from 2017

Brand and agency marketers descended on Chicago last week for the Midwest outpost of the Modern Marketing Summit. Attendees connected over what's new and exciting and challenging in today's digital industry, with a particular focus on how evolving technology is affecting retail, CPG, and QSR marketing. As with any conference, there were larger, common themes [...]

CES2016: Advertising and Marketing Opportunities Continue to Improve

As expected, this year’s consumer electronics show did not disappoint with a vast display of new electronics products, gadgets, systems and digital services from hundreds of brands debuting at the show. Products ranged new 8K TVs from the likes of Panasonic and LG to the releases of the unexpected as well as the unknown including [...]

How Advertising Opportunities Amplify mCommerce

Would you rather leave home without your wallet or your phone? A global study discovered that a resounding 3 out of 4 of people would take their phone over their wallet. This makes sense – the idea of reaching into your pocket for one device to manage most aspects of your day makes it hard to consider leaving it behind. Whether it is consuming content, calling and texting, sending emails, playing games or watching videos, smartphones have become the singular touch point to manage life at virtually any place and/or time. It seems like smartphones are doing everything, except filling the shoes of the one thing that people would hypothetically leave behind – a wallet.

CES 2013: Exciting Programs and Panelists (Part II)

While the excitement of the holiday season is over, there’s a ton to look forward to in the New Year for technology enthusiasts. For those deeply curious about what’s to come in 2013, there’s no better place to get fully immersed in what’s to come other than the International Consumer Electronics Show.

CES 2013: Gadgets Galore to Debut at Convention (Part I)

Heavy buzz continues to swirl as we eagerly count down the days to the most highly anticipated tech toy-filled days of the year. No not Christmas, silly! CES 2013, of course. For those not familiar with what makes the CES convention such a big deal in the tech and electronics industry, I’ll share a little background.

Mobile Gaming: What’s It Really Worth for Advertisers?

I have always been skeptical about the role that ad executions play in mobile games. Gaming publishers often defend the space by contending smartphone and tablet owners spend a significant amount of their device time in mobile gaming environments.

The ETA on RTB and Mobile

What’s the big deal with RTB and mobile these days? It’s a good time to get familiar since many major players in the mobile advertising space see it being the next big thing for 2013. A common analogy used to describe the RTB process is the stock exchange; all Interested advertising parties simultaneously bid for a mobile placement with the set of qualifiers desired by an advertiser.

The Holiday Season Must Have: Mobile

So many things remind us of the holiday season: The hanging of seasonal ornaments, the plans of travel taken to spend time with loved ones, the wafting scents of pumpkin spice, eggnog and pine. And of course, there’s those chestnuts roasting on an open fire. But there’s something new that lingers about throughout the holidays: It’s the mobile device.

Your Holiday Season Side Kick: The Mobile Device

While many holiday shoppers may have kept with the tradition of scarfing down Thanksgiving dinner early to strategize a plan of attack for in-store holiday deals, a notable number are looking for a less-crowded, no-wait digital option.

On the Fast Track: Local Mobile Search

In the mobile search world, all signs point towards an amplified focus in local mobile for the foreseeable future. Just ask local media research and consulting firm BIA Kelsey. The authority on all things local media released their latest forecasts showcasing anticipated growth for local mobile search advertising.