Basis Spotlight: Put Optimization in the Driver’s Seat for your Campaigns

There’s an endless number of options for creating a digital media campaign, but rarely does your client’s budget afford the luxury of an endless bankroll. So driving performance is key and the key to driving performance is optimization. Optimization is defined as the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation [...]

Basis Spotlight: YouTube Campaign Inclusion

We continue to release product features, updates, and functionality within Basis to make your day-to-day campaign management more effective and efficient. This week, we introduced an important YouTube campaign enhancement, and we talked to the product guru behind the feature to get the inside scoop. Let’s start with the basics. What is the YouTube Campaign [...]

Key Insights on Demand Side Platforms from the G2 Crowd Grid Report

How do you determine the best demand side platform? That's not an easy question to answer. Demand side platforms, or DSPs, are digital campaign management product software that provide advertisers features for buying ad placements online in real time. Determining the best one depends on who you ask, what problem they want to solve with a DSP, [...]

Redefining the DSP Space

Technology has been changing the way we work and live for decades now, and the digital industry and digital media buying is not exempt from explosive technology evolutions. You only have to go back to 1986, when ACT!, a contact and customer management company, introduced the first database marketing software to the business world. It [...]

The Evolving Role of Strategists and Marketers

According to 2016 Smith & Beta data, 93% of agency employees feel they are not exceeding client expectations. It's an ironic stat, considering the entire digital media industry was built on the promise of technology doing more, reaching more customers, and being more effective – but the tools and systems we're using are outdated, fragmented, [...]

Centro Brand Exchange Has the Highest Quality Video Ads According to Pixalate Seller Trust Index

Centro’s Invite-Only Ad Marketplace Receives Top Grades for Authenticated Traffic and Player Size Chicago – Aug. 10, 2017 – Centro (, a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising, today announced that it has attained the No. 1 position in the latest Pixalate Video Seller Trust Index (VSTI) in the U.S. The Centro Brand Exchange [...]