Advertisers & Marketers Talk Programmatic Expectations in 2018

It’s no secret: Digital is more complex than ever before. The industry has seen an explosion of tech, vendors, tracking metrics, cost types, and devices in recent years. Considering our relentless focus on minimizing industry chaos, we partnered with research firm Ad Perceptions to survey 150+ digital media professionals. We talked to the marketers who [...]

Performance is King: Keys to Success in Programmatic

We told you all about ad spenders continuing to adopt programmatic advertising capabilities in-house. You know that digital media teams have to figure out how to make programmatic and direct buying co-exist peacefully. What’s left? Well, it’s only March, so there’s probably plenty left on your digital plate for the rest of the year. And [...]

Webinar From #CentroInstitute: How to Advance Your Location-Based Advertising Strategy

Every step your audience takes, opportunity follows. Did you know location-based ad spending will reach $32 billion by 2021? While location-based ads aren’t a new concept in digital, this popular advertising tactic continues to see growth, and there’s a good reason why. By combining heavy consumer phone usage with improved data collection and technology advancements, [...]

Get the Full Picture: Consolidate the Crucial Elements of a Digital Media Buy

Looking to improve digital media campaign performance for your clients? Need to consolidate your research and reporting tools to make sure you’re gathering up-to-date and vital campaign insights? Curious to know if your online media buying efforts are truly working? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created two new features in Basis with [...]

#CentroInstitute: Private Marketplaces Q&A

We received a lot of questions during our February Centro Institute webinar on private marketplaces. Because we wanted to keep this bite-sized PMP presentation under 45 minutes, we weren’t able to answer all of them, so we’ve enlisted our fearless speaker, Christine Kim, to answer questions on our blog: Generally speaking, how do CPMs for [...]

Ask a Centro Expert: What’s Connected TV?

Ask a Centro Expert is a blog series from Centro where we break down the complicated tools, tech, and trends you've been hearing about in the trade pubs and around the office. We reach out to some of our in-house experts to ask the tough questions and turn them into bite-sized, palatable Q&As for your [...]

What’s the State of Your Digital Media Buying Team?

Nearly 90% of agencies and 81% of marketers plan to expand their programmatic buying capabilities in 2018. Bringing this expertise in-house allows digital media teams to unify their data, their teams, and their ad buying, giving them a better handle on the complexities and, ultimately, allowing them to take back control. The unanswered question: Are [...]

Webinar From #CentroInstitute: A Primer on PMPs

Calling all digital nerds: February is private marketplaces month at Centro. And what better way to celebrate than by tuning into a PMP webinar? We know you’re busy, and that there’s no shortage of client calls on your calendar, digital campaigns to create, and media dollars to put to work. But hear us out: According [...]

The Business Impact of Centralized Operations In Digital Media

According to a notable Digiday State of the Industry survey, 45% of agency employees said the most challenging aspect of their current job is the number of resources and tools they utilize. In that same survey, 25% of respondents said they are switching between software tools and platforms 21 times or more per day. We [...]

Survey Says: There’s a Growing Appetite for Tapping into Programmatic Know-How

As unrelated and abstract as it may seem, a juggling act is the perfect visual representation for programmatic advertising today. Programmatic advertising has become a mainstay and a necessity in the digital media industry – but it’s not without its confusion or difficulties. We know, we know. You’ve heard it all before. The current digital [...]