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By Anthony Loredo Jun 13 2016 Blog

#3Ton30: Capture Digital Media Impact with the Pillars of Performance

Last year, in response to an industry-wide thirst for education, Centro launched the 3T roadshow. Our internal digital experts visited marketers around the country to deliver 3T wisdom: Tips, Trends and Techniques for dominating digital.

This year, we’re bringing back 3T in true digital style. Monthly, online 3Ton30 webinars break down the latest trends in digital media all in 45 minutes or less. The third Wednesday of every month features a new expert unpacking a new digital topic. The 30-minute presentation and 15-minute Q&A format delivers digestible information for busy marketers with tight schedules.

June 22nd at 1:30 p.m. EST premiers the next installment of the series, where Centro’s VP and General Manager of Centro Brand Exchange, Jesse Cozart, will discuss how to build a sound performance plan that delivers and measures campaign success.

Specifically, Jesse will offer insight into using data strategies to reach a unique and motivated audience, the meaning of context and the critical role it plays, leveraging both creative formats and data to tell a meaningful story, and aligning campaign objectives with proper KPIs at each stage of the marketing funnel.

Our June 22nd webinar is full of tips and best practices for every marketer looking for deeper engagement with their audience this year.

Click here to learn more information and to save your spot. Can’t make it this month? Keep your eyes peeled for 3Ton30 webinars every month in 2016.

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