Keeping pace with the various digital channels and how they’re growing is challenging. If you find yourself asking whether this is the year of mobile or was it last? Or what the latest social platform is and whether video is really going to be the death of TV –  then read on! This is your go-to resource for digital channel news, updates, trends, and more.

How Political Digital Advertising Lessons of 2016 Applies to 2017

In consumer advertising, incremental gains count for something. But in political advertising? It's a zero-sum game. You either achieve a goal or you don't. The 2016 election season produced winners and losers — from the presidency to down-ballot measures and congressional races. For those of us in digital media and advertising who were part of [...]

#3Ton30: The Rise of Snapchat Q&A

We received a lot of questions during our November 3T Rise of Snapchat webinar. Because we like to keep these bite-sized presentations under 45 minutes, we were unable to answer them all, so we've enlisted our fearless speaker, Aubry Parks-Fried, to answer them on our blog. Is there any evidence that we’ll see any addition to [...]

Shedding Light on the Age of ‘Dark’ Messaging Apps

"Younger demographics and technological advances are inspiring more innovative social media tactics. Apps can no longer make a good run solely from messaging purposes; they now need to incorporate new features to stay relevant and elevate their brands." Read more from Centro's Aubry Parks-Fried on MarketingProfs.

4 steps to make mobile marketing more effective

"Whether they are engaging with owned content or advertising, today’s always-on consumers demand great user experiences. Marketers need to create mature strategies that match consumers’ expectations and interesting, relevant ads that match their habits." Read more from Centro's Noor Naseer in Mobile Marketer.

No Matter Who Takes the Election, Mobile Wins Big in 2016

"If you’re wondering how deeply mobile technology has permeated American culture, look no further than the 2016 presidential race." Read more from Centro's Grace Briscoe and Noor Naseer in MediaShift.

The Evolution of Snapchat Interactions (and Where They’re Headed Next)

Now is the time for marketers to incorporate Snapchat into their digital strategies. Read more from Centro's Aubry Parks-Fried in Adweek's Social Times.

Viewability is the new mobile metric

"To fully optimize their mobile advertising campaigns, marketers must understand a key metric that is taking over: viewability." Read more from Centro's Noor Naseer in Mobile Marketer.

The 37 hottest pre-IPO ad tech startups of 2016

"Centro, which sells digital media management software, had a busy year. The company raised $30 million in Series B funding, led by Neuberger Berman Private Equity Funds. It also acquired GraphScience, an automated social ad-buying platform." Read more on Business Insider.

Mobile Real Talk: “Just Doing Mobile” is No Longer Enough

From now on, smartphones will require a smarter strategy. This year, mobile will account for 50% of all digital ad expenditure for the first time. That’s no surprise, given the adoption rate of mobile devices. But just re-purposing your desktop activations in the mobile world isn’t cutting it any more. Adults 18-54 are at smartphone [...]

4 Approaches for Navigating Influencer Marketing in 2016

Brands of all sizes are already enjoying success from influencer-driven Instagram campaigns. It’s a different conversation than the one centered on traditional paid media, and it’s growing in importance as brands try to forge meaningful connections with their audiences. Read more from Centro's Aubry Parks-Fried in Adweek's Social Times.