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Today, digital media operations tend to be complicated, time-consuming, and chaotic. Campaign stages and phases, are often handled by disparate, unconnected systems — or even worse: stored in spreadsheets and inboxes. It’s time to change the way we work. Learn how to improve workflow and boost productivity with less manual tasks. Read up on how to empower talent with technology so they have more time to do strategic, creative work. See how you can make business decisions based on deep insights and real-time data. Discover the modern way to operate your digital media operations.

The Business Impact of Centralized Operations In Digital Media

According to a notable Digiday State of the Industry survey, 45% of agency employees said the most challenging aspect of their current job is the number of resources and tools they utilize. In that same survey, 25% of respondents said they are switching between software tools and platforms 21 times or more per day. We [...]

Digital Media Operations: Use Better Data for Easier Billing Facilitation

Digital media operations is a long and tedious cycle. From planning to billing reconciliation, there are numerous steps and phases that require communication, data, and a sense of urgency. Without full visibility and accurate information along the way, closing out a campaign can be extremely time-consuming and downright painful. The biggest pain point in the [...]

Digital Media Operations: Streamlined Campaign Monitoring. Only with Centro Platform.

For most agencies, the idea of efficient digital media operations sounds ideal, but seems nearly impossible. Digital media teams are currently using too many disconnected and outdated tools and systems, resulting in a lack of organized workflow. And without some sort of a streamlined workflow, critical campaign phases and stages are met with misinformation, missed [...]

Why Digital Media Operations Built Around Collaboration Should Be The New Norm

Have you ever witnessed a bad improv comedy performance? You would know immediately if you did. The jokes fall flat, the story doesn’t follow any kind of thread, and the audience is uncomfortably lifeless. A good improv performance, though? It’s an exercise in a collective and powerful group mind. The performers get a single word [...]

Digital Media Operations and Smart Campaign Execution Should Go Hand in Hand

Navigating the world of ad servers and digital media contracts is often a challenge. Aligning contracted information to what was delivered and what performed is extremely time consuming and difficult. And because there are so many changes throughout the process, contracts and ad server data rarely matches. Not to mention, changes or updates made to [...]

Gain Instant, Actionable Insight About Your Client’s Business and Your Own

Tell me something I don’t know! That’s what I find myself shouting at the TV when I watch baseball games these days. I don’t need to be told the pitch was outside. I can see that—even without that pervasive electronic pitch tracker. I don’t need to hear the same stale hyperboles repeated over and over [...]

Digital Media Operations: Negotiate Partnerships with Confidence

Negotiating the best partnership possible with a seller can lead to major returns for an agency or advertiser. Unfortunately, the current state of the industry and the way we’re managing our digital media operations makes negotiation difficult. Communication is disjointed. The files and formats we’re working in are outdated. And without much historical data and [...]

Today’s Digital Media Operations Aren’t Operating. Optimize Yours with Centro Platform.

You’re at the eye doctor for a check-up, and, as the technician adjusts the refractor and clicks between lenses, you’re asked to read the chart of letters on the wall. Are the letters clearer with option A or option B? What about option 1 or option 2? This continues until you’re able to clearly read [...]

Digital Media Planning – Simplified. Only With Centro Platform.

The vast amount of manual work required to plan digital media campaigns today, even in the programmatic space, is almost too hard to comprehend. All told, there are roughly 70 manual steps. The worst part? Most of the work is still done in Excel and Outlook, regardless of whether agencies are pitching a large, innovative [...]

Get Control of the Digital Media Operations Chaos

Ever been house hunting and walked through a professionally staged home? You’d know one if you saw it. Every element inside is perfectly curated and placed– even the mudroom lacks the messiness and disarray you’d expect. Everything is organized. You’re able to see how each item in every room works together and flows seamlessly into [...]