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Centro Adds Targeting Functions To DSP Through Existing ComScore, DoubleVerify Deals

"Marketers can now target audiences based on page-level demographic data, predicted viewability and brand protection parameters on ad-tech provider Centro's demand-side platform (DSP) -- enhancements made possible by Centro's long-term deals with comScore and DoubleVerify." Read more in MediaPost.

Centro’s DSP Customers Embrace Shift To Private Marketplaces

"Many DSPs now offer to shoulder the burden of setting up private marketplace deals for their clients. Recently Centro, which services smaller agencies and brands, joined that group and can tap into 1,000 private marketplace deals it set up with 150 publishers." Read more in AdExchanger.

Ads.txt Could Wipe Out a Legion of Programmatic Ad Players. That’s Good

"Ad tech is rife with shady characters. Until now, questionable behavior has frequently gone unchallenged. That's about to change." Read more in Advertising Age from Centro's Ian Trider about how ads.txt can fight ad fraud.

Centro Adds 1,000+ Private Marketplace Deals To Its DSP

"Centro, a digital advertising software provider, announced on Tuesday the launch of a curated private marketplace (PMP) directory containing over 1,000 deals from more than 150 publishers, including Condé Nast and The Wall Street Journal." Read more in MediaPost.

The hidden world of high-speed ad bidding

"Centro CEO Shawn Riegsecker has been watching the evolution of ad creation because he’s responsible for making them. Find out how ads get bought and sold on a high-speed bidder’s market." Listen to the full segment on WGN Radio.

Domain Spoofing Be Gone: Ads.Txt Will Filter Out Imposter Sites

"Programmatic buyers on the open exchange who think they’re purchasing inventory from ESPN or The New York Times often end up buying from imposter sites instead." Centro's Ian Trider is part of the IAB group that's creating this solution to fight domain spoofing. Read more in AdExchanger.

Redefining Programmatic – Shawn Riegsecker, Centro

Centro is redefining programmatic. We unveiled Centro Platform at AdExchanger's Programmatic IO conference. Watch the full presentation here.

To Do Programmatic Advertising Yourself, Start by Picking a DSP

"In programmatic advertising, the expectation is that the marketer can find any type of audience across desktop and mobile and bid to get an ad placed in front of that audience. All DSPs have this capability and so choosing a DSP almost always comes down the specific features and service. Not every tool is created [...]

Mid-Sized Agency Norbella Uses Centro’s Updated Platform To Make Life Easier For Its Media Planners

As seen in AdExchanger. March 29, 2017 Centro has updated its platform so media planners can manage direct-sold campaigns and programmatic ones in one place. The company combined its DSP SiteScout, acquired in 2013, with its workflow automation software for I/O-based buys. It was part of a three-year, $25 million platform update that began after [...]

What I Learned From The Header Bidding Dog And Pony Show

"With publishers scrutinizing who gets into its header bidding pipes, demand sources who can’t illustrate their value will be relegated to the lower levels of the waterfall, fighting for scraps." Read more in MediaPost from Centro's Jessica Burget about choosing a header bidding partner.