Basis Spotlight: Drive Campaign Performance with the Help of Automated Bid Adjustments

Coming in October, we'll be launching Algorithmic Optimization, an efficiency tool that makes automated bid adjustments to the best performing placements of your campaigns. The feature streamlines inventory analysis and fine-tuning to generate better outcomes, allowing you to focus more on business objectives. We created this feature with media buyers in mind, to save valuable [...]

Centro DSP Spotlight: Primary Conversions

In order to understand campaign performance, make recommendations for future investment opportunities, and better optimize for success, it's important to craft a compelling campaign story that tells you what metrics you should be hitting. One way to develop a story is to set up conversion tracking pixels. To get a better sense of where you [...]

How Centro Ensures That Advertising is Served with Brand-Safe Content

There is a lot of concern about brand safety on the Internet. The topic was inflamed even more ever since UK advertisers found that their ads were served alongside extremist content on YouTube. However, there are tools and best practices available to advertisers to minimize these types of incidents. Here is how Centro looks at [...]

Centro Academy Welcomes a Group of Programmatic Rock Stars to Chicago

Remember that distinct feeling of accomplishment when you were taking tests in school, and you not only passed the test, but aced it? This week, Centro Academy brought that feeling back to the students at our Centro Certified DSP training event. Luckily, all of them aced it! The programmatic era has challenged all of us [...]