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Centro DSP Spotlight: Adopt a Brand Safe Approach with DSPs

What's the deal with fake news anyway? It's become the latest hot topic – especially in the online media industry. Fake news goes beyond the tabloids you see in line at the grocery store or the funny articles you read in The Onion. It is defined as deliberately published hoaxes, propaganda, and misinformation, masquerading as [...]

Programmatic 101: Campaign Targeting Tactics

Pretend you're running an ad campaign and you're trying to target 35-year-old mothers who enjoy board games and have an interest in luxury fashion. Where do you start and how do you find that exact audience? A women's magazine? Sure, but who reads those anymore? A fashion show's commercial? Maybe, but how often do those [...]

Centro DSP Spotlight: Out of The Video Stream and Into the Outstream

Think about video ads. What comes to mind? Probably YouTube videos. But video ads can be found anywhere on the web. Video ads are typically found pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. In other words: before, during, or after the video content plays. This type of video ad space is referred to as instream. But there's another, [...]

Centro DSP Spotlight: Primary Conversions

In order to understand campaign performance, make recommendations for future investment opportunities, and better optimize for success, it's important to craft a compelling campaign story that tells you what metrics you should be hitting. One way to develop a story is to set up conversion tracking pixels. To get a better sense of where you [...]

How Centro Ensures That Advertising is Served with Brand-Safe Content

There is a lot of concern about brand safety on the Internet. The topic was inflamed even more ever since UK advertisers found that their ads were served alongside extremist content on YouTube. However, there are tools and best practices available to advertisers to minimize these types of incidents. Here is how Centro looks at [...]

Centro Academy Welcomes a Group of Programmatic Rock Stars to Chicago

Remember that distinct feeling of accomplishment when you were taking tests in school, and you not only passed the test, but aced it? This week, Centro Academy brought that feeling back to the students at our Centro Certified DSP training event. Luckily, all of them aced it! The programmatic era has challenged all of us [...]

#3Ton30: Creative Showcase: How to Make Your Digital Campaigns Stand Out

With the rise of automated buying in digital media, it can often feel like technology has replaced human optimization and service and the ability to offer personalized messages to customers. But that doesn't have to be the case. If you're using the tools correctly, marketers should be able to leverage both data-driven tech and dynamic [...]

#3Ton30: Evaluating DSPs: Breaking Down the Basics

We've been putting together 3T webinars for over a year now, and one consistent piece of feedback our experts hear is that marketers are hungry for basic education and insight into a digital media space often dominated by complex and intimidating terminology and technology. Programmatic has become such a necessary building block to smart digital [...]

Private Marketplaces Go Mainstream

When private marketplaces (PMPs) first appeared on the digital scene a few years ago, sellers were cautious to release inventory and invite buyers, fearing eroding CPMs and low-quality creative. It seemed only premium publishers and brands would be willing to transact in these exclusive environments. But, as technology and the industry progressed, PMPs became commonplace [...]

Centro DSP Spotlight: Pacing View

Do you dream of pivot tables because you’re spending too much time in spreadsheets? The wealth of data and metrics available for programmatic buyers to assess the health of their campaigns can be overwhelming and difficult to quickly analyze. Centro DSP has always offered real-time reporting to keep buyers up-to-date. But, in order to help [...]