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BASIS SPOTLIGHT: In a device driven world, how do you reach your consumer?

It’s Wednesday and while you enjoy that dark-roast coffee, you read the morning news from your tablet. An hour later, you are listening to your favorite songs from your phone as you ride the commuter train to work. When you arrive at the office, you fire up your laptop, and continue working on a research [...]

Key Insights on the Spring 2018 Demand Side Platforms Report from G2 Crowd

How would you determine the best demand side platform? Demand side platforms (DSPs), digital campaign management software that provide advertisers features for buying ad placements on digital channels in real time, are plentiful in the market. Determining the best one depends on who you ask, what problem they want to solve with a DSP, and how [...]

BASIS SPOTLIGHT: Viewability Targeting and Tracking Provides Peace of Mind for your Ads

If an ad appears on a website but users don’t have the opportunity to see it, was the ad really shown? Every year billions of dollars are spent in display ads. Advertisers are consistently developing more creative units to attract and engage customers, while publishers continue to improve their sites so ad placements can be [...]

Basis Spotlight: Put Optimization in the Driver’s Seat for your Campaigns

There’s an endless number of options for creating a digital media campaign, but rarely does your client’s budget afford the luxury of an endless bankroll. So driving performance is key and the key to driving performance is optimization. Optimization is defined as the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation [...]

Advertisers & Marketers Talk Programmatic Expectations in 2018

It’s no secret: Digital is more complex than ever before. The industry has seen an explosion of tech, vendors, tracking metrics, cost types, and devices in recent years. Considering our relentless focus on minimizing industry chaos, we partnered with research firm Ad Perceptions to survey 150+ digital media professionals. We talked to the marketers who [...]

The RGB of RTB

As a digital media professional, what would it mean for you to have a full set of digital tools at your disposal? Before you start thinking about the answer to that question, let’s start with an analogy. Imagine you are a renowned artist and you have been commissioned to create a painting of the beach. [...]

Performance is King: Keys to Success in Programmatic

We told you all about ad spenders continuing to adopt programmatic advertising capabilities in-house. You know that digital media teams have to figure out how to make programmatic and direct buying co-exist peacefully. What’s left? Well, it’s only March, so there’s probably plenty left on your digital plate for the rest of the year. And [...]

Basis Spotlight: YouTube Campaign Inclusion

We continue to release product features, updates, and functionality within Basis to make your day-to-day campaign management more effective and efficient. This week, we introduced an important YouTube campaign enhancement, and we talked to the product guru behind the feature to get the inside scoop. Let’s start with the basics. What is the YouTube Campaign [...]

Get the Full Picture: Consolidate the Crucial Elements of a Digital Media Buy

Looking to improve digital media campaign performance for your clients? Need to consolidate your research and reporting tools to make sure you’re gathering up-to-date and vital campaign insights? Curious to know if your online media buying efforts are truly working? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created two new features in Basis with [...]