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Survey Says: There’s a Growing Appetite for Tapping into Programmatic Know-How

As unrelated and abstract as it may seem, a juggling act is the perfect visual representation for programmatic advertising today. Programmatic has become a mainstay and a necessity in the digital media industry – but it’s not without its confusion or difficulties. We know, we know. You’ve heard it all before. The current digital landscape [...]

Start the New Year Right: Get Your Agency Organized in 2018

Making a resolution this year? You’re not alone. When the calendar flips to January 1 every year, it’s the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean, set your intentions for the next 365 days, and start fresh. Like most people, you’ve probably already made your personal resolutions for 2018. By this point, they’re in full [...]

The Most Popular Blog Posts in November

We post great content to our blog every week, but between hectic days (or weeks, or months) at work, trying to keep up with trade publications and industry news, or forgetting about all the stories you bookmarked to read later, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. So, in case you missed any of [...]

Programmatic 101: Mobile Geotargeting

Being at the right place at the right time can make all the difference in digital. It's especially important when you're running programmatic ad campaigns, because finding the exact audience you're looking for and meeting them where they're most likely to see and act on your ad means you won't waste impressions or ad dollars. [...]

How to Use Programmatic Advertising and Ad Buying Effectively In Higher Education: A Crash Course

The digital ad industry has flocked to programmatic advertising in recent years. According to eMarketer, programmatic display spend is expected to reach $39.46 billion in 2018. And for good reason: Adopting programmatic ad buying into digital strategies has become a necessity for marketers looking to leverage data and technology to target their customers with relevant [...]

Programmatic 101: What is Conversion Tracking?

What does full-funnel success look like for a digital campaign? Every digital campaign should have goals or KPIs that can be tracked and optimized toward, and there are measurement opportunities along the way to help you determine what's working and what's not. And when measuring campaign effectiveness, it's important to keep the customer journey in [...]

Ask a Centro Expert: What’s Connected TV?

Ask a Centro Expert is a blog series from Centro where we break down the complicated tools, tech, and trends you've been hearing about in the trade pubs and around the office. We reach out to some of our in-house experts to ask the tough questions and turn them into bite-sized, palatable Q&As for your [...]

Basis DSP Spotlight: Increase Productivity with Bulk Editing Capabilities

Digital advertising and campaign management is fast-paced. From a digital media team's perspective, strategists, planners, and buyers need to be able make quick updates and modifications. But the amount of manual effort required to plan campaigns means it's often hard to find time to continuously evaluate campaign performance and optimize towards success. With one of [...]

Key Insights on Demand Side Platforms from the G2 Crowd Grid Report

How do you determine the best demand side platform? That's not an easy question to answer. Demand side platforms, or DSPs, are digital campaign management product software that provide advertisers features for buying ad placements online in real time. Determining the best one depends on who you ask, what problem they want to solve with a DSP, [...]

G2 Crowd’s 2017 Software Report Names Centro as the Best Demand Side Platform

User Reviews of Centro’s Basis Platform Highlight its Customer Support, Usability and Features Chicago – Oct. 11, 2017 – Centro (, a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising, today announced that it has been recognized as the leader in the G2 Crowd Demand-Side Platform (DSP) Grid report. A leading business software review platform, G2 [...]