Centro DSP Spotlight: Pacing View

Do you dream of pivot tables because you’re spending too much time in spreadsheets? The wealth of data and metrics available for programmatic buyers to assess the health of their campaigns can be overwhelming and difficult to quickly analyze. Centro DSP has always offered real-time reporting to keep buyers up-to-date. But, in order to help [...]

How Centro Guards Against New Threats of Fraudulent Ad Inventory

This week, there was news coverage about Methbot, a scheme by hackers to create fraudulent inventory primarily for digital video. This is designed to fool ad-buying systems into serving video ads on fraudulent sites with bot traffic. When Centro reviewed the inventory available through our DSP’s supply partners, we found that we had essentially zero [...]

3 Options for Retargeting without Pixeling your Site

Retargeting is a common tactic used to keep top-of-mind after a consumer’s visit to an advertiser’s site or product pages.  Occasionally, Centro customers won’t be able (or are not allowed) to put a tracking pixel on their site.  I’m here to let you know that there are other options at your disposal to do ‘siteless’ [...]

Centro DSP Spotlight: HTML5 Ads

The use of HTML5 to code and create dynamic ads (over Flash) is gaining popularity. While Flash is used for ads with animation, video, and other creative elements, HTML5 also comes with the same benefits and much more. HTML5 is open source, which allows the developer community to quickly improve on it by fixing bugs, [...]

Spotlight de DSP: ‘My Ads’ y Gerencia Creativa

La facilidad de uso de DSP es la razón principal por la que los clientes están seleccionando nuestra plataforma para manejar sus iniciativas digitales. En dos semanas, estaremos introduciendo algunos cambios a nuestra interfaz y flujo de trabajo con el propósito de mejorar y hacer más eficiente el proceso de creación y ejecución de campañas. ¿Qué [...]