Centro Brand Exchange for Advertisers

Centro Brand Exchange for Advertisers

Bid On The Best With Centro Brand Exchange

Centro Brand Exchange is the largest premium, private ad exchange on the market with over 1.600 high value, content-driven publisher sites. With smart technology operated by even smarter people, our exchange strives to be the most trusted supply source for our advertisers.

Brand Safe – Brand Smart

Our ad quality dedication earned a 95% “Ideal” rating from Trust Metrics and a place as a recurring top performer in Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index.

Local Markets Simplified

Through programmatic access to the largest premium local supply source on the market, with coverage in nearly all of the top 100 markets

Quality You Can Trust

Access a wide range of premium, invite-only publishers with original journalistic content.

Inventory Breadth And Depth

Whether you’re targeting niche, local consumers or want to scale placements across 180mm+ unique users, Centro Brand Exchange is an efficient and effective way to reach desired audiences that enhance brand performance.

Evergreen And Custom Private Deals

We simplify the private deal process by curating the highest valued inventory and through one streamlined contact enabling access via a wide range of pre-packaged, “always on” private deals or custom private deals for unique needs.

About Us

For over a decade Centro has developed and delivered digital advertising technology and services solutions to help change the way digital media is done. Headquartered in Chicago with 34 offices in North American, Centro’s success and commitment to culture has led to many accolades, most recently voted #1 Best Place to Work in Media and Advertising by Ad Age and #1 Best Place to Work by Crain’s Chicago Business.