By Kevin Bonder Aug 10 2015 Blog

Centro DSP Overview

Centro DSP Overview One Sheet

Centro DSP

Your Cross-Channel

Mobile First Solution

We’re all looking for an easy way to identify new customers and boost the bottom line. But your ability to capture digital ROI is often hindered by a complex landscape of partners and technologies.

Simplify it with Centro DSP

One Platform. Endless Possibilities

Centro DSP is a programmatic ad buying platform that enables marketers and agencies to run efficient cross-channel advertising campaigns of every scale. Dump the user manual – Centro DSP gives you instant access to over 40 billion daily impressions across all devices and channels through a single user interface. Stop strategizing in silos and logging into multiple interfaces. With Centro DSP you have a granular, real-time view of your campaigns, giving you the power to analyze and optimize with a click. Smarter business is at hand.

Finally, You Have Access To:

Cross-Channel Capabilities

That allow you to buy across and channel – mobile, desktop, video, or social.

Advanced Mobile Tools

such as hyper-local targeting and easy mobile device ID uploading to keep you in front of your best customers every step of their day.

Real-Time Visibility

for total control over campaign optimizations of any kind, so you’re buying only what works.

A Single, Elegant User Interface

that brings multi-channel planning, execution, reporting, and optimizations under one roof.

Service That Meets Your Needs

from full-touch to no-touch – or whatever you need in-between. Let our team of experts steer you toward programmatic self-sufficiency.

Advanced Technology

In a Friendly Package

Join the Programmatic Movement

Hear “yes” instead of “no.” Want to bid on the same inventory as the biggest players in programmatic? Now you can.

More Than Just a Private Marketplace

Experience a discovery and management interface that makes it easy to find, manage and execute your own privately negotiated deals.

Leverage Fast and Actionable Insights

Real-time, transparent, and granular – reports that offer in-the-moment insights and usable data. Any day. Any time.

Relax With Powerful Brand Safety

Thanks to an arsenal of controls designed to protect the integrity of your campaigns.

The Proof is in the Platform

More than 75,00 users of our software have created nearly 150,000 campaigns across 73 ad exchange partners and over 68,000 websites.

Automated decisions on impression bids are made under 20 milliseconds

40 billion impressions available daily across all channels with over 600,000 QPS supported.

Supported by over 100 servers spanning three data centers and 2 continents

This DSP was built for you – visit to get started. We’ll go from handshake to high-five in no time.