How Centro Guards Against New Threats of Fraudulent Ad Inventory

This week, there was news coverage about Methbot, a scheme by hackers to create fraudulent inventory primarily for digital video. This is designed to fool ad-buying systems into serving video ads on fraudulent sites with bot traffic.

When Centro reviewed the inventory available through our DSP’s supply partners, we found that we had essentially zero exposure. Our brand safety technology partner, Pixalate, sampled impressions for a recent 30 day period this winter and it corroborated our data and findings.

To further protect our customers, we have taken action by including the IP list provided by WhiteOps (the company that published the original report about Methbot) to our global blacklist. This, in addition to our existing pre-filtering fraud detection methods, has minimized exposure to this problem.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers can trust that they are spending campaign dollars on sites that have real human visitors. We are continue to monitor our ad exchange partners for suspicious and fraudulent activity and we continue to devote resources to guard against this type of threat.