By Kevin Bonder Aug 11 2015 Blog

Centro Hyperlocal Tip Sheet

Centro Hyperlocal One-Sheet

Every Step Your Audience Takes, Opportunity Followers.

Centro DSP

Our platform sees hyperlocal opportunity and puts your brand in the hands of the right audience at the right moment, wherever they are in the world. And that’s just the beginning.

Programmatic Gets Personal

Real-Time Touch Points:

Programmatic bidding technology enables you to reach consumers at the right time; mobile targeting puts you in the right place. GPS information from individual mobile devices gives you the exact location of your consumer, so you can target based on coordinates and radius. This is the precise moment when proximity turns into engagement. Competitive conquest opportunity? Absolutely.

Mobile Retargeting:

You’ve made one connection – new established relationship. Your mobile device IDs, easy to upload in the Centro DSP interface, replace desktop cookies to target specific individuals on the go. Mobile retargeting keeps you close to the consumer so you can make contact at all the right moments. Use this tactic in tandem with cross-channel and hyperlocal targeting to create a powerful message that’s both personal and powerful time and time again.

Geo-Contextual Targeting

Using historical geographical location and data is another way to reach an in-market audience that’s looking for your product. In the hyperlocal mobile world, this type of targeting leverages the physical location characteristics of the mobile user, including ype of location, demographics of the area, and specific census data.

Your Customers’ Needs And Desires Are Changing By The Day, Hour, And Minute.

Here’s How To Keep Pace.

You already have big mobile ideas – now tap into a platform that gives you the freedom to plan, build, and optimize highly targeted campaigns in real time. With Centro DSP all of the mechanics are sorted out, which means you can focus on the bigger picture.

Ready to join the mobile-forward movement? Use these tips to put your mobile strategy on the market’s leading edge.

Did You Know?

IP addresses are notoriously inaccurate, especially on mobile devices, for location information.

Centro Tip:

Make sure your DSP is using GPS coordinate data, instead of IP addresses, for the most accurate location targeting of mobile devices.

Did You Know?

Cookies don’t work well on mobile devices. Instead, you ought to rely on unique Device IDs for tracking.

Centro Tip:

Make sure you are building Device ID segments to target mobile audiences. They are invaluable for quickly scaling your mobile targeting efforts.

Did You Know?

A multi-channel approach can often drive more business.

Centro Tip:

Mobile first is a smart strategy, but today’s consumers respond to a seamless brand experience across multiple channels. Talk to a Centro expert to learn how channels can work in tandem to enhance the performance of your campaign.

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