Digital Media Operations: Streamlined Campaign Monitoring. Only with Centro Platform.

For most agencies, the idea of efficient digital media operations sounds ideal, but seems nearly impossible. Digital media teams are currently using too many disconnected and outdated tools and systems, resulting in a lack of organized workflow. And without some sort of a streamlined workflow, critical campaign phases and stages are met with misinformation, missed deadlines, and potential under-performance.

And, as we know, performance is key.

No matter what type of campaign is running, clients want to know if you’re hitting their campaign goals and objectives. They want to know if the impressions they bought actually delivered, and how close you are to the CPA or other agreed upon KPIs. It’s a constant conversation and one that’s critical to the relationship with your customer.

But, with the state of today’s digital media operations, monitoring and reporting on performance is challenging and time consuming. Aligning contracted data with performance data is what allows analysts to truly diagnose and correct any issues – but it’s no simple task. Performance or delivery data is in ad servers, while contracted information typically sits in Excel, Prisma, or something similar.

Agencies live and die based on their performance. In order to hit client objectives, agencies need to monitor digital campaigns closely. Right now, information is located in various disconnected places and it makes reporting on campaign performance extremely challenging, and an inefficient use of time and resources.

Real Concerns from Real Digital Media Professionals
As an analyst, your job focuses on reviewing performance or delivery data for digital media campaigns. Because there are usually fewer people in your role than there are in account or strategy departments, you typically work on a broader range of clients and several more campaigns. This workload can be tough since the data you rely on lives in various locations. Every day, log into multiple ad servers and third-party data platforms (like Outbrain, Facebook, Google, and more) to extract the data needed. Then you try to match this data with the right campaigns and determine whether current tactics and strategies are working and pushing closer to the assigned metrics. Simply gathering the correct data can be a headache, but making recommendations in a timely manner and then updating accordingly is the true struggle. You’re not able to look at every campaign daily and make optimization recommendations, which means sometimes you’re forced to make  up for larger issues and get client approval to move money around.

The Solution: Centro Platform
Centro Platform provides unparalleled access to data across the entire digital media operations process. You get information on-demand that is both accurate and up-to-date, providing actionable intelligence about your client’s business – and your own. Pull reports and analytics as needed with charts, graphs and visualizations always available for easy export.

Data is available in one unified view, whether leveraging the analytics tab for basic performance and delivery information, or doing deeper research via the Insights module. You’ll have the insight you need for optimizations or revisions in the same system where planning, execution, and reconciliation happens.

This is streamlined campaign monitoring. This is Centro Platform.


Platform Features

Reports & Analytics

  • On-demand reporting on any and all layers of business and operations means more informed decisions and greater visibility across your company’s ecosystem.
  • Easily manipulate data based on any number of measures, levels, and time segments, so you can quickly report on the information needed.
  • Daily updates brings further validity to the metrics you use to operate and make decisions.

Activity Management

  • An auditable trail of activity logs all events at both broad and narrow levels: citing who, what, and when as well as providing direct access to appropriate projects.

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