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Centro DSP Spotlight: Adopt a Brand Safe Approach with DSPs

What’s the deal with fake news anyway? It’s become the latest hot topic – especially in the online media industry. Fake news goes beyond the tabloids you see in line at the grocery store or the funny articles you read in The Onion. It is defined as deliberately published hoaxes, propaganda, and misinformation, masquerading as...

Digital Media Operations

Digital Media Operations: Use Better Data for Easier Billing Facilitation

Digital media operations is a long and tedious cycle. From planning to billing reconciliation, there are numerous steps and phases that require communication, data, and a sense of urgency. Without full visibility and accurate information along the way, closing out a campaign can be extremely time-consuming and downright painful. The biggest pain point in the...

Success Stories

#CentroInAction: Quenching the Thirst for Local Success

A national soft drink label came to Centro looking to improve regional brand recognition and boost local awareness. The brand was looking to launch a sweepstakes campaign at quick-serve restaurants. The Centro campaign strategy, which included a combination of audience buying tactics, custom gaming units, and narrow targeting strategies, led to great success for the...