Centro’s team of dedicated performance-driven digital experts helping the team at Monster to solve some reporting challenges.
Apr 2021 Case Study

Centro’s Flexible Solutions Help Monster Stay at the Top of their Game

Meet Monster

Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers who need great people. With two sides of the equation, candidates looking for quality jobs and employers looking to fill open roles, Monster has many different targets and initiatives. They have expanded from their roots as a “job board” to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment, and talent management products and services.

The Impact of Basis:

Flexible Solutions for an Evolving Business

Early in the relationship, Centro provided managed services support to the Monster media team. As Monster’s business strategically evolves, they’re on a longer-term path to self-service which will bring the media execution fully in-house. Both companies know it will take time and training to transition the work, but Centro encourages clients to do what is right for their business, including moving fluidly between solutions like managed services and self-service. Sr. Director of Global Media at Monster, Shaun Farrar said, “Centro has been really open in saying ‘when you’re ready, we’re ready. We’ll customize our approach with you.’”

Making Better Use of Valuable Time and Resources

Basis has made a significant impact on my team’s ability to free up their time to focus on strategy and insights,” said Shaun. His team specifically finds significant value in the delivery integrations and reporting features. “Basis essentially consolidates multiple platforms so you don’t have to log into four or five different platforms to pull reports and aggregate them—Basis does it for you. Rather than spending so much time pulling reporting, Basis gets rid of that friction and wasted time and really allows you as a marketer to dig into the data and come up with a sound strategy. Basis enables you to better use your time.”

Centro is in a Category by Themselves

Shaun said it best: “There really is not another Centro. You can work with any other DSP, but they are so limited in their scope that it becomes prohibitive. Centro not only has display and video capabilities and solutions, but also can help with social, search, and the entire digital ecosystem. That’s incredibly attractive to a brand that has a small team in-house that activates globally and across multiple channels. I put Centro in a category by themselves for that reason.”


Shaun Farrar Sr. Director of Global Media Monster:

“Centro is an extension of our team. They improve how we work each and every day. We rely upon them immensely. They’ve got really smart people, very strategic, and very sound from an executional standpoint.”