Centro DSP Spotlight: Creating Value with DSPs as an Agency

If you think a demand side platform is just a place to spend money, think again. There are many reasons why all the major agency holding companies established in-house centralized trading teams and trading desks. It’s because the DSPs they utilize offer control, audience insights, and performance – though profits arguably sits at the top of the list of key benefits.

DSPs offer a host of tools and functionality to keep your clients’ campaigns at the forefront of digital media.

And while building an in-house trading team might sound like an expensive proposition, consider the drawbacks of outsourcing campaign management: the service fees and limits on visibility into delivery and performance.

Consolidating media buying internally gives you a comprehensive view of your digital campaigns, which leads to better results for clients. It also reduces the cost of service for the platform, allowing you to manage margins and maximize revenue.

And, fortunately, this opportunity is not limited to the biggest players anymore.

Platforms like Centro DSP give agencies and publishers of all sizes access to programmatic advertising to better serve clients and create new revenue streams. Centro DSP has display, mobile, video, and native ad formats that can be targeted to thousands of audiences. If you have your own data to sell, our data management platform partnerships easily bring segments on board. Adding programmatic to your stable of offerings gives clients a comprehensive media solution and deepens relationships.

Choosing the right DSP is so much more than simply comparing features and technology. You want a partner that will provide support and training to make your new venture a success. At Centro, we take a consultative approach and are there with you every step of the way. Whether it’s advice on selling, pricing, service, or campaign management, our customer success team will ensure your programmatic business thrives.

It’s a competitive world out there, and technology and media are evolving rapidly. Let us help you stay ahead of the trends while increasing your bottom line.

For more information on DSP technology or on Centro DSP, visit our website or email info@centro.net.