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What is an Ad Network?

  • Devices

    How Do They Work?

    Ad networks pool ad inventory of unsold ads from publishers and sell it to advertisers, and earn money by taking a cut of ad revenue - sometimes marking the cost up before selling it. Many ad networks manage campaigns on behalf of agencies and advertisers, where the ad network and buyer negotiate terms.
  • Types of Available Targeting?

    Some networks categorize by content type. For example, automotive may be grouped into a vertical channel and sold to advertisers interested in reaching that audience. Some networks cater to specific verticals while others are open. Still other ad networks may sell based on audience segments built on behavior, interest, etc.
  • Are All Ad Networks the Same?

    Answer: no. Some networks are selective about the type and quality of publishers allowed in the network, others are not. More restrictive ad networks may have exclusive access to premium publisher inventory and maintain premium pricing. Some networks will even buy ad impressions in bulk and mark them way up!

Basis Aims to Increase Transparency and Improve ROI

There has been growing concern in recent years about how ad networks function in the overall programmatic landscape. A lack of transparency in how media dollars are being spent, coupled with where brand's ads will run on (or off) the network have soured many buyers. At Centro, we have increased restrictions for those networks hoping to do business through our platform, Basis. In short, we have increased transparency, blocked duplicate impressions, increased the amount of dollars going towards ad spend, and improved visibility into the best-performing ad selling intermediaries.
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