Demand Side Platform

Programmatic performance using the #1 Rated DSP by G2 Crowd.
At the heart of Basis is our award-winning, omni-channel DSP. It’s built for speed and performance so your programmatic campaigns thrive.
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Generate better outcomes for campaigns by leveraging Basis’ artificial intelligence engine. Choose algorithmic or machine learning optimization, which automatically analyzes data from more than 30 campaign parameters to optimize towards a desired goal. Make smart, optimized decisions to improve performance. Basis' powerful performance automation enables you to do more at scale.
  • Hyper-Local

    Target users in the moment with powerful geo-fencing capabilities that allow you to select granular points on a map, upload street addresses, or target places by category. Create place-based audiences of users who have been at a location, address, or category.
  • Private Marketplace

    Centro leverages 15+ years of publisher relationships to bring you our best-in-class PMP library of over 2,000 active private deals across hundreds of top sites. Or, leverage Basis’ vendor communication tools and seamlessly negotiate your own custom deals.
    Private Marketplaces
  • Cross-Device Targeting & Tracking

    Reach individuals across multiple touchpoints, attribute conversions to the appropriate device, and drill into performance data with cross-device targeting and tracking.
Powerful Integrations
Basis provides access to the industry’s leading exchanges, along with 25,000+ audience segments across over 30 different data providers, giving flexible and intuitive inventory and data targeting options.
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    Manage omni-channel campaigns across mobile, video, display, audio, connected TV, native, search, and social with the #1 rated DSP. You'll create a seamless and integrated experience for your consumers.
  • Brand Safety

    We take brand protection seriously. By partnering with the industry’s leading brand safety providers and utilizing a combination of human and tech measures—we’re able to monitor and block fraudulent activity across Basis 24/7.
  • HTML5 Support

    Upload HTML5 zip files directly into Basis or use a third party ad tag. Unlike other DSP's, HTML5 support is baked into Basis, and free from any hosting fees.

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