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Our mission is simple: to empower high-performing marketers with the world’s most automated and comprehensive advertising platform. Backed by two decades of experience—our technology and our people meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Digital Performance
in Action

Curious how we drive performance for digital marketers? Take a look.

Basis by Centro

Unlock the power of the industry’s most comprehensive
and automated digital media platform.

  • DSP


    At the heart of Basis is our award-winning,
    omnichannel DSP.

    • AI-powered performance
    • Hyper-local made easy
    • Cross-device targeting and tracking
  • Workflow


    Basis automates manual processes to
    drive business growth and improve
    campaign performance.

    Workflow Workflow
    Workflow Workflow
  • Insights


    Generate real business intelligence by
    tapping into vast analytics.

    • Over 180 different data points
    • Time-saving reporting capabilities
    • Team and campaign insights via a
      visual dashboard
    Insights Insights
  • Basis Assistant

    Basis Assistant

    Capture the moments that shape your campaigns
    without disruption, with Basis Assistant.

    • Easy to install browser extension
    • Automated campaign history documentation
    • Knowledge sharing and recollection across teams
    Basis Assistant Basis Assistant
    Basis Assistant Basis Assistant

Your Business Thrives with Basis

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    Improve productivity, save time, and make fewer mistakes. Automate routine tasks and streamline communication across teams when you use Basis.
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    Boost media performance by consolidating digital strategy, operations, and data into one platform to unify programmatic, direct, search, social, and advanced TV.
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    Partner with us and watch your business thrive. Leverage Centro’s media services, onboarding, support, training, and education to gain a competitive edge.
  • Digital Media Services

    Full-service digital strategy and activation solutions designed to complement your team’s performance.

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  • Flexible Service Models

    Are you prepared for a self-service buying model? Gauge your readiness here with our Programmatic Readiness Guide.

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