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Sep 16 2021 Episode 23 Podcast
Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Corean Canty

In this episode, Corean Canty, COO of talent platform We Are Rosie, weighs in on the current talent landscape and shares what organizations must provide in order to appeal to...

Jun 28 2021 Episode 22 Podcast
Test Cookieless Targeting…Now!: Angelina Eng

Angelina Eng, VP of Addressability and Measurement at the IAB, shares her thoughts on the technical maneuvers that advertisers must take on to navigate a rapidly approaching future with far...

May 28 2021 Episode 21 Podcast
How to Lead A Digital Agency: Mitch Joel

Former digital agency president and partner Mitch Joel shares his experience building, running and selling agency Twist Image.

Apr 30 2021 Episode 21 Podcast
How to Pitch Digital Innovation: Walt Geer

Walter Geer shares how he empowers his team to keep innovation at the forefront of approaching client business.

Mar 31 2021 Episode 20 Podcast
Considering Cookie Loss & Privacy Law: Pedro Pavón

In this episode, Pavón shares his views on consumer privacy laws and how advertisers should be planning for a cookieless future.

Jan 28 2021 Episode 19 Podcast
Is It Time To Bring Programmatic In-House?: April Weeks

Centro's EVP of Media Services and Operations shares how advertisers can approach in-housing, as well as how to best prepare beforehand.

Oct 28 2020 Episode 18 Podcast
Committing to Professional Growth: Jeffery Smith

Accomplished tech leader, speaker, and author Jeffery Smith joins the podcast to discuss finding new ways to grow during COVID-19.

Sep 30 2020 Episode 17 Podcast
Empower Your Media Buys with eLearning: Christine Kim

In this episode, Christine Kim shares why curriculum-based education programs are so important for media buyers who want to stay on top of the tricks of the trade.

Aug 27 2020 Episode 16 Podcast
Dealing with Diversity: Veronica Appleton

In this episode, DEI executive and educator Veronica Appleton shares her perspective on addressing DEI in the greater advertising and marketing landscape. 

Jul 20 2020 Episode 15 Podcast
Create Cause-Based Campaigns: Jordan Ruden and Amanda Pyron

In this episode, Noor speaks with Jordan Ruden of Craft & Commerce and Amanda Pyron of The Network to learn how organizations can approach mission-driven advertising.

May 28 2020 Episode 14 Podcast
The Art of the Subscription Box: Dustin McAdams

This episode features PupJoy CEO Dustin McAdams,who shares what he's learned in his pursuit of offering the best customer care in the subscription services space.

Apr 28 2020 Episode 13 Podcast
Think Clearly Under Pressure: Lola Wright

This month's episode features Lola Wright, who discusses how advertising professionals—or anyone—can work better in these adverse and unusual times, both personally and professionally.

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The digital media world is littered with buzzwords, acronyms, and people hoping their understanding of industry concepts are the same as everyone else’s. Adtech Unfiltered is a podcast that dissects and discusses key concepts and ideas in the ad tech, digital advertising and marketing worlds.

Noor Naseer

Tune in, as Centro’s senior director media innovations + technology, Noor Naseer, speaks with industry experts to gain insight into the topics, tactics and technologies that are shaping the future of our digital-first industry. If you would like to be featured on the podcast or have a topic you would love to hear about—contact Noor Naseer via LinkedIn.
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