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Ad Tech Analogies: Simple is the New Smart (The Coupon Code Analogy)

Next up in our ad tech analogies series: The Coupon Code Analogy, which explains how Deal IDs facilitate private marketplaces. Before we dive into this analogy, let’s quickly overview what private marketplaces (PMPs) are. Private marketplaces are customized marketplaces where publishers make their inventory available to select buyers. Usually a negotiation takes place between the buyer...

Digital Media Operations

Digital Media Operations: Use Better Data for Easier Billing Facilitation

Digital media operations is a long and tedious cycle. From planning to billing reconciliation, there are numerous steps and phases that require communication, data, and a sense of urgency. Without full visibility and accurate information along the way, closing out a campaign can be extremely time-consuming and downright painful. The biggest pain point in the...

Success Stories

#CentroInAction: Thrift Store Chain Scores a ‘Great Find’ with Centro

An international thrift store chain came to Centro for help building brand awareness, increasing foot and website traffic, and soliciting donations. The store decided to launch a test campaign to see which digital partner could help them achieve the most efficient cost-per-acquisition. Centro’s audience buying solution was the clear winner and delivered the following results:...