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  • Jul 12 2021 News

    “Centro this week plans to release what it calls a privacy-friendly, cookieless targeting engine that automatically recommends contextual targeting categories based on a marketer’s best-performing audiences. The Basis platform is the first demand side platform (DSP), per the company, to...

  • Jun 16 2021 News

    “If there are at least 80 companies purporting to offer identity solutions, surely the ad tech industry is set, right? Nope. I would argue that most of these companies will fail for technical, business, or policy reasons. The prospects of...

  • Jun 10 2021 News

    “Automation is everywhere. We see and leverage it in our daily lives, yet many industries are hesitant to adopt it. Today, we’re looking at the digital media landscape, specifically advertising agencies and in-house media companies, to explore why automation is...

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