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See how Centro is transforming the world of digital advertising.
  • Dec 27 2019 News

    “When the concept of programmatic advertising was emerging in 2007, there were high hopes for its transformative power in advertising. Now, after years of development, the industry has major concerns about what the next decade holds for this technology.” Read...

  • Oct 21 2019 News

    “Categories: demand-side platform: display DSP and mobile DSP and retargeting. Centro is a Chicago-based ad-tech company that stands out from the pack, thanks to its buy-side offerings. Basis—the company’s proprietary platform—unifies programmatic and direct media buys, helps marketers manage their...

  • Jul 15 2019 News

    “Our mission is to build the most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent media-buying platform in the world. We have set out to be the most widely-used and adopted platform in the world, measured by the amount of dollars transacted through it....

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