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See how Centro is transforming the world of digital advertising.
  • July 17 News

    “Comcast’s FreeWheel Advertisers unit said it has integrated Centro’s platform for buying digital media into Strata, which should speed the delivery of financial data to agencies. The combination should also make the agency reconciliation process smoother.” “By design, FreeWheel uses...

  • July 15 News

    “Our mission is to build the most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent media-buying platform in the world. We have set out to be the most widely-used and adopted platform in the world, measured by the amount of dollars transacted through it....

  • May 31 News

    “Two years ago, the ad-tech company Centro took a four-year, $100 million gamble on designing a proprietary platform that was meant to bundle together disparate pieces of mar tech into one convenient piece of software. It looks as if that...

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