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  • March 22 News

    “If brands are interested in bringing marketing/advertising capabilities in-house, should agencies be fearful? I don’t get that sense, based on attending the Association of National Advertisers In-House Agency Conference recently. The development of in-house agencies is certainly a challenge for...

  • March 15 News

    “There is a widespread practice in this industry which puts advertisers at risk: resellers acquiring inventory from other resellers. With such an overly complex supply chain, it is difficult or even impossible to verify the legitimacy of supply. When publishers...

  • January 04 News

    “Shawn Riegsecker may be the world’s most durable ad tech founder, but he didn’t plan it that way. Riegsecker founded Centro in 2001 to automate the manual work required to plan and buy local digital ads. After years of development,...

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