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See how Centro is transforming the world of digital advertising.
  • July 22 News

    “In a move that creates yet another option for legacy media-buying systems provider MediaOcean, digital native Centro is teaming with Comcast’s FreeWheel to offer a one-stop solution for managing campaigns end-to-end, from planning to bill payments. That last part is...

  • July 15 News

    “Our mission is to build the most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent media-buying platform in the world. We have set out to be the most widely-used and adopted platform in the world, measured by the amount of dollars transacted through it....

  • May 31 News

    “Two years ago, the ad-tech company Centro took a four-year, $100 million gamble on designing a proprietary platform that was meant to bundle together disparate pieces of mar tech into one convenient piece of software. It looks as if that...

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