Cut through the noise with programmatic advertising by Centro.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is an automated form of advertising where ad placements are bought and sold by computers. Before programmatic advertising came along, ads were bought and sold via RFPs, manual ad placements, and bid negotiations. This form of advertising empowers ad buyers to automate more routine tasks and focus their efforts on strategy, analyses, and pivoting faster amid industry shifts.

How Programmatic Advertising Works

  1. Step 1 of Programmatic Advertising: Click on a website.

    A person clicks on a website.

    Note a similar process applies to CTV, Audio and Native Channels

  2. Step 2 of Programmatic Advertising: ad impression is placed up for auction.

    The website owner puts the ad impression up for auction via SSP*

    *Supply-Side Platform

  3. Step 3 of Programmatic Advertising: offers bids for the impressions.

    The advertisers offer bids for the impression through Basis DSP*

    *Demand-Side Platform

  4. Step 4 of Programmatic Advertising: The highest bidder wins the ad impression.

    The highest bidder wins the ad impression through the SSP

  5. Step 5 of Programmatic Advertising: The ad is served on the website.

    The ad is served on the website to the user.

  6. Step 6 of Programmatic Advertising: The user clicks on the ad and converts!

    The user clicks on the ad and converts!

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising solves many things from media, team, and business perspectives. Incorporating a programmatic advertising strategy can help a business gain a wider audience reach, more growth, and increased returns on budget. See how you can solve with programmatic, below:
  • More Control

    Manage all digital media campaigns across mobile, video, display, audio, connected TV and native via Basis—a unified platform built to improve productivity, increase team collaboration and campaign performance.

  • Increased Transparency

    Obtain clear insights to your media buying and ad spend. Basis’ performance-based bidding allows you to leverage different bidding models to monitor campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) and spend effectively.

  • Unique Targeting Capabilities

    Reach your ideal customer with sophisticated targeting. Basis’ robust inventory directory is the largest curated directory in the industry and spans across all channels and devices.

  • Data-Driven Optimizations

    Choose between algorithmic or machine learning optimization tools to make smart decisions within Basis’ artificial intelligence engine.

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Cut through the noise with Programmatic Advertising.

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Programmatic Advertising with Centro

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