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Build engagement with video advertising by Centro.

What is Video Advertising?

Video ads present advertisers with a cost-effective alternative to traditional TV. Video advertising refers to the advertisements that occur before, during, and/or after a video stream on the internet. In a world of endless choices, accessibility, quality content and user experiences are key. Video advertising has the power to teach, engage, and unite an audience—and is a crucial component to a broad marketing strategy.

Primary Types of Video Ad Units

Video advertising offers many different ways to engage with users.

  • In-Stream

    What are In-stream video ads?

    Served before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) within streaming video content that the viewer has requested. In-stream video ads are displayed within the context of streaming video and often used to monetize video content delivered by the publisher. For example, a person watching a cooking recipe video on YouTube, is then served a video ad similar to a traditional TV commercial about 60 seconds into the main short- or long-form video content.

    Ad • 00:12
  • Out-Stream

    What are out-stream video ads?

    Video units that show up outside of video player environments; this type of ad unit typically includes less traditional video placements such as, in-article, native, in-feed, or interstitial videos. For example, a site visitor may be reading a cooking recipe article on a lifestyle website and a video ad may load in-feed or alongside the content. Out-Stream video ads can be auto-play or viewer-enabled play depending on the environment.

  • interstitial

    What are interstitial video ads?

    A type of high impact full-screen video advertising that covers the interface of the host app or website. Interstitial ads are typically displayed at natural transition points within the flow of an app. They usually auto-retract after 15 seconds and require a close button. For example, these would run between activities or appear as a screen takeover when opening an app or web page.

Why use video advertising?


Video advertising has experienced exponential growth. In fact, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022—15x higher than it was in 2017 (Cisco, 2020).

This transformative digital media channel is increasingly automated, data-driven, addressable and accountable, where audience is as important as content and context.

Web Browser

Video Advertising Devices

Video is everywhere—it’s a powerful format that allows advertisers to tout their offerings, while developing an emotional connection with the viewer via their preferred platform or device.

Create an Effective Video Advertising Strategy

Consider video advertising part of your larger communications strategy.
  • Start with video objectives.

    Not all digital video solutions are created equal. First, identify what your video will achieve and determine the roll video will play as part of your larger communications strategy—brand awareness, engagement, site traffic, lead conversion, etc. From here, decide how performance will be measured and determine which KPIs will be used to track success.

  • Find your desired audience.

    Digital video strategies offer advanced targeting across multiple platforms. Implement advanced targeting techniques with Basis by Centro—use a data-driven approach to define the right behavioral elements, prospecting, contextual alignment, or retargeting to reach your target audience. This is a crucial step that provides viewers with a relevant ad experience and reduces wasted ad spend.

  • Leverage premium publisher inventory.

    Diversify video inventory with in-stream and out-stream video options across all platforms. Basis provides direct, open exchange, and private marketplace inventory deals, to find the best fit for scale and performance. Leverage Basis’ premium connected TV integrations with Hulu, SlingTV, Roku, Tubi—and social partnerships through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Tell a good story.

    According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, “A video is worth 1.8 million words.” Take time to connect with your audience in a unique and interesting way. Develop a narrative that highlights their pain points and shows how your offerings resolve conflicts. Consider short form, snackable video content in addition to more standard video lengths, to expand video options into native, social and YouTube platforms.

  • Make data-driven decisions.

    Create custom reporting based on objectives and KPIs to review campaign performance. Leverage Basis’ artificial intelligence engine to make smart, optimized decisions and improve performance at scale.

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Build engagement with video advertising.

Keep target consumers engaged with video advertising by Centro.

Video Advertising with Centro

At Centro, we have the knowledge and experience of our Media Services Organization, backed by Basis—the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media platform. Video advertising improves audience engagement and connects your brand/product with aware consumers.

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