A one-of-a-kind browser extension, compatible with any digital marketing platform.

What is Basis Assistant?

In an industry based on collaboration, Basis Assistant is a unique tool that will improve the way digital marketing teams work. Basis Assistant facilitates knowledge sharing across teams by simplifying and automating the logging of all campaign changes and updates.

A knowledge sharing
tool for every campaign

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Basis Assistant

Whether it’s running a programmatic campaign in the open exchange, buying impressions in a social media platform, or creating a report in a dashboarding tool—users can input notes from all of these sources in Basis Assistant, without switching programs.

  • How it Works

    Connect to any platform with Basis Assistant.

    • Download the browser extension.
    • Connect your Basis account.
    • Authorize any other platforms—for example, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and more!
    • Record campaign changes and tie those notes back to a Basis campaign.
    • Click here to download Basis Assistant
      in the Google Chrome web store.

  • Changes To Campaigns

    Tracking campaign changes has never been easier.
    Record notes from any platform connected to Basis Assistant.

    1. Open Basis Assistant.
    2. Choose a Campaign.
    3. Write a Comment.

    Note: All entries are aggregated and organized in Basis Assistant
    as threads that users can download as CSV files.

Basis Assistant Highlights

  • Workflow Automation

    Work on current tasks without switching programs and reduce the number of third-party tools (Word docs, notes, shared Google docs, etc.) needed. Basis Assistant is a free, easy to use browser extension.
  • Communication & Documentation

    Create a standardized process to capture information—Basis Assistant keeps notes organized and accessible to all and reduces added work (columns or formatting) to keep data consistent.
  • Campaign Performance

    Manage and improve performance, share knowledge, and provide better campaign-end reporting. Basis Assistant helps users remember what, when, and why they made a change to a campaign.

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